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Praise for Interrobang Theatre Project's

"The Goat, Or Who is Sylvia?"

directed by James Yost,

September - October, 2018


Photo by Emily Schwartz

"Liddell is, in the right moments, the perfect blend of judgement and pain."

-Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“As Billy, Martin and Stevie’s gay, teenage son, Ryan Liddell skillfully portrays a young man who is confused by how his seemingly model family has suddenly been turned upside down in a single moment. When Liddell lashes out at his father and comes to the aid of his mother, the audience can empathize and feels every ounce of his pain and puzzlement.”

Colin Douglas


Photo by Emily Schwartz


“Liddell nails Billy’s emotional angst and alienation, and has some of the play’s funniest lines.”

Conor McShane

“As Billy, Liddell finely conveys the angst of a privileged teen who is falling out of societal norms and is facing a world turned upside down.”

Patrick Rybarczyk 

Broadway World, Chicago

Photo by Emily Schwartz

Photo by Emily Schwartz


Photo by Emily Schwartz

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